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12 Instagram accounts about money that are well worth a follow

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Scrolling through Instagram is often a form of escapism — sunny landscapes, blue skies, artful shots of beautiful dresses, memes that make you laugh for hours. It’s the place we go for people, places, and pets. It’s not the place we turn to for real life; certainly it’s not the place we think of as good for money advice. Right?

Turns out Instagram isn’t all about the selfie — not any more. There is a plethora of awesome accounts to follow where the aesthetic is all about making your money go further.

From home DIY to investing, clearing debt to creating wealth — here are 12 Instagram accounts worth following right now that can help you get even more savvy with your money. And the great thing is that these slip into your feed so you only engage with the content that can really help you at the moment you need it.

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Go Fund Yourself

Yes, we’ve mentioned Alice Tapper before but her Instagram account is where it all started — making finance and economics accessible in a way that hadn’t really been done before. With hilarious memes and super sharp hacks and personal finance tips, Alice’s Instagram is a go-to for all things money. She covers investing and saving, closing the gender pay gap and the ethnic pay gap, gives suggestions on how to make you money go further, and most all aims to educate and provide her followers with valuable tools and insights that can help them feel more confident with money.


No list about personal finance on Instagram would be complete without Clevergirlfinance, run by Bola Sokunbi. Starting off as a frugal living account that mostly looked at saving, Bola’s grid now covers investing, growing your wealth, building your financial resilience and much more. As a qualified financial education instructor in the USA, she also provides courses and one-to-one mentorship through her social media accounts and blog.

My Frugal Year

Another familiar name, but there has never been a better time to follow Clare Seal. With her book Real Life Money out in June 2020, she runs a great account looking at finance and wellbeing, with a particular emphasis on clearing your problematic debt. Having honest conversations about money can be incredibly hard and emotional, but Clare tackles issues such as racial injustice and financial pressure as candidly and intelligently as budgeting and saving. Well worth a follow.


Damien Fahy set up his financial Instagram account because he believed his qualifications as an advisor were being wasted on the uber wealthy. Instead, he wanted to offer his experience and education to connect with people who want to get better with money — using the latest tech, tools and tests to help close the financial advice gap. His Money MOT is incredibly helpful and he writes with clarity and humour, so whether it’s investing the stock market, making a will, building your pension or something else entirely, he’s probably got a spot on the grid for your questions.

Good Money Girl

Rebecca O’Connor has a wealth of experience when it comes to ethical finance, having worked for Trillion Fund and founded Good With Money, the green finance magazine. In her Instagram account, she shares her life and her work, showing how you can “be good” with money in every way — from impact investing, sustainability, green funds and so on. A great account to follow for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint by acting with their wallet.

Money Medics

Sharing financial tips from experts, Money Medics is all about money management for the digital age. In recent weeks they’ve covered the ethnic pay gap and lockdown budgeting, but they also teach ways to turn challenges into opportunities and avoid common financial missteps. It’s a strong account with an engaged community — and it’s also a little more techy than others in this list.


Ambitious? So is Ellie, the creator of thisgirltalksmoney. Talking about absolutely anything money related — from healthy eating on a budget to making money at home through a side hustle, Ellie is another account that can inspire and bolster your confidence when it comes to your money. Whilst geared towards millennials and gen-z, it’s an account that can help anyone who just wants to get a little more savvy or glean a few top tips every now and again.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a good one for people who are looking to be more mindful with their money. Offering a mix of financial wellbeing tips with the personal finance insights, this account provides more than just tips and tricks. It’s a good place to find some positive affirmations, think about your money in the context of self-care, and consider how to invest in healthy relationships.


Education. Advice. Tribe. Rainchq is all about inspiring women to invest and take control of their financial futures — and they’ve won awards for it! Founded by Davinia Tomlinson, Rainchq is a membership community focused on financial education and holistic wellbeing, but their Instagram feed is an absolute goldmine of accessible information, conversation starters, memes to make you think, and suggestions on events to attend or podcasts to tune into etc. A good one to pay attention to.

Thrifty Londoner

If you want to cut back on your spending, this could be the inspo account for you. Laura, the creator of Thrifty Londoner, is a second-hand clothing enthusiast that is constantly sharing ways to make and save money. She also provides suggestions on causes and current affairs — from handling furlough, creating routines, meal planning, budgeting on a reduced salary and more.

Mr MoneyJar

Timi Merriman-Johnson runs the Mr MoneyJar Show. He also runs this excellent account looking at all things finance — from the FTSE Russell to credit scores. With an aesthetic that’s definitely inspired by football and his wry, savvy humour, this is an exceptionally smart account and a fun one too.


Talking about money should not be boring — and Abiola, founder of Active Budgeter, certainly makes sure that the conversation is engaging and useful. One of the great things about this account is she also has a real emphasis on fintech — the apps and tools that can help you keep track of your money even more easily than usual.

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